Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I talk to my mother on the phone every weekday morning. More often than not, the weather is a topic of discussion. More often than not, I also make a lame joke that involves me saying "Well, you know they say It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia..", followed by the inevitable I can't believe I said that AGAIN sigh.

But really - this weekend's weather could not have been more perfect. This was evident as Josh and I rode our bicycles over to Headhouse Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh local produce for the week. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as we rode through the cobblestone streets in Old City. Here are two prime examples of things I would not have imagined myself doing pre-weight loss, providing further evidence that losing weight is not attributed to diets so much as an overall shift in lifestyle.

I vividly remember first purchasing a bicycle back in 2005. I attempted to take it for a ride through York, where I was living at the time. At my highest weight, I could barely go two blocks without stopping to catch my breath. Everything about bikeriding was uncomfortable. I try to remember that feeling as I effortlessly zip through the city nowadays. There is something liberating about getting on a bicycle at almost half the size I was and being able to go anywhere I want.

I guarantee if I could easily get anywhere I wanted to go, it wouldn't have been to a farmer's market. But today we went to Headhouse, where I purchased apples, spring onions, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries and a very alien-like purple vegetable called kohlrabi (It's my wildcard, if you will). I am mystified by the kohlrabi and any suggestions on how to prepare it would be greatly appreciated.

Not only was I able to pick up fresh fruits and veggies without driving a car, but I burned a few calories making my way over there and back on two wheels. These are the little shifts in lifestyle that I think are helping me maintain my weight happily. And thinking beyond myself, these lifestyle changes are environmentally friendly.

After riding back from the market, Josh made a cheeseless frittata for us to share along with a few slices of a sourdough baguette also purchased at the market. It was a healthy, satisfying brunch that I can't take credit for, but certainly enjoyed.

I'm looking forward to what I'll find at the market throughout the summer. Right now everything is green, but soon we'll be seeing lots of colorful fruits and veggies. I might need a bigger backpack.


Anonymous said...

I haven't figured out the kohlrabi stuff either. I grew some one year, and it got so big it split and was unusable. I've tried it in slaw, and similarly sliced matchsticklike into stirfries. Maybe I'll give it another try soon. I bike to Farmer's Market, I've got huge panniers, and a backpack, but this time of year, with the stone fruit going on, I drive. I actually do have a possible way of moving peaches to not destroy them, maybe I'll try that next week.

My mom lives in Colorado, and she claims the weather is always great. When I get there, and it's 20F, or 90F, she always says that it was really nice yesterday, this strange weather came out of nowhere. Where I live, it's typically gray, somewhere between 50 and 65, except when it's a heat wave or cold spell. The sun comes out for about an hour before the clouds cover it up again. Oh well, it's nice in winter (or so I tell myself)

Anonymous said...

Jenelle, do you ever read Body+Soul magazine? There's a recipe in the current issue for some kohlrabi slaw-type thing that looks delicious. I'll have to type it up later and send it to you.

The farmer's market is my favorite thing about the weekend, and it's also a place that I never would have envisioned myself at a few years ago, as well. (This is Heather, lady pilot on flickr.)

Susan Knight said...

My dad used to grow kohlrabi (although his were green not purple?) and we used to eat it raw mostly. IIt's similar in taste a texture to Jicima, so anything you'd use that for (if you would) would be great. I like it in salads...

Jenelle said...

Julie - I ran into some difficulty with the strawberries I purchased. They got a bit mushy on the trek back. I really need to get a basket for my bicycle. I've also seen some people around town with wooden fruit rates attached behind their bike seats which seems really useful. I was browsing through your blog and love it. I feel like we have a lot in common!

Heather - So glad you found me here. I've never read Body + Soul, but have seen it at Whole Foods. I actually tried out the kohlrabi yesterday with some success. If the market has it next week I might pick more up and try it out in slaw.

Susan - I was doing some research online and I guess it comes in different colors. The purple variety is so pretty! I had a few bites of it raw and I liked it way better than the way it tasted when cooked.

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